Alcohol In Food, Beverages, Perfumes and Medicines

2015-02-02 17:05
Based on the briefing, presentation and explanation given by experts from The Halal Products Research Institute, Universiti Putra Malaysia, together with decisions made in the previous Discourse of the Fatwa Committee of the National Fatwa Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia, the special Discourse of the Fatwa Committee of the National Fatwa Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia discussing the issue of alcohol in food, drinks, perfumes and medicines on the 14th until 16th July 2011 has decided as follows:

  1. Every wine contains alcohol. However not all alcohol are wine. Alcohol that is extracted from the winemaking process is ruled as prohibited (haram) and impure.

  2. However, alcohol that is not produced through the winemaking process is not ruled as impure, but is prohibited (haram) from being consumed in its original form as it is a poison and can kill.

  3. Light beverages processed/made not for the purpose of producing wine and containing alcohol below the level of 1% v/v are permissible to be consumed.

  4. Whereas for light beverages made with the same intention and method of producing wine, regardless of whether their alcohol content is high or low or whether their alcohol content is distilled, their consumption is prohibited.

  5. Food or beverages containing natural alcohol such as fruits, nuts, grains or their juices, or alcohol that incidentally forms during the production process of certain food or beverages is not considered impure and is permissible to be consumed.

  6. Food or drinks with flavouring or colouring that contains alcohol for stabilization purposes are permissible to be consumed provided that the alcohol is not produced from the winemaking process, the quantity of such alcohol in the final product is not intoxicating and the alcohol level does not exceed 0.5%.

  7. Medicines and perfumes containing alcohol as a solvent agent are not impure and are permissible provided such alcohol is not extracted from the wine making process.